Nick and Louise, Hawthorn East, VIC 11/07/2020

We engaged Chris primarily due to our two cats keeping us up at night and generally driving us crazy. There’s no doubt Chris’ knowledge and pragmatic advice has significantly improved our home situation and equipped us with the tools and understanding to better drive more positive behavioural outcomes with Maui & Kona

Sam, Strathpine QLD, 01/07/2020

My partner and I are so grateful for the assistance from Chris in modifying our cat, Max’s, behaviour. When people ask for our cats breed we always tell them ginger ninja. We were lying. He was nothing like a ninja. More like an elephant. Who had decided he wanted to be nocturnal and that the humans must be awake with him. After almost a year of struggles and throwing pairs of socks in the direction of the noise at 2am, we finally enlisted help. With the advice from Chris we had broken Max’s bad habits in less than 2 weeks. And it’s as if he knew his habits were bad and was just waiting for us to work it out and help him break them. Because in return for breaking his bad habits we have a far more affectionate cat who not only loves us more but is nicer to his other cat siblings. We can no longer refer to him as the cranky old man at just 4 years old 😂
Thanks again Chris! Fingers crossed we don’t need your assistance again but If we do we won’t hesitate!

Michael and Claire, Townsville QLD, 02/05/2020

My fiancee and I have a rescue cat that had many behavioural issues, including inappropriate urination, excessive biting and severe separation anxiety. He is on calmative medication but every time we went away he urinated inappropriately.
My partner is an experienced cat owner, yet we couldn't seem to work out a solution. It was causing us (and our cat) so much anxiety! Chris came over and inspected our place, and gave us some really practical and insightful advice and suggestions around making some subtle changes to the environment. The next time we went away for 3 weeks, our cat had no issues at all, and we returned to an extremely happy and increasingly confident cat (and clean apartment!). Chris was a miracle worker, very professional and thorough. We were so happy with the result and would engage him and his services again.

Natasha, Attadale WA, 01/10/2019

I have been having behavioural problems with my 3 cats for 8 months now and I had tried everything from medication to a cat whisperer. Chris has been the only one who has been able to help me. My cats behaviour has improved so much and Chris has guided me through the whole way with constant support. Cant thank Chris enough on helping teach me how cats behave and the small changes required to fix a problem which everyone else said I would need to rehome one.

Amanda, Fairlight, NSW, 20/09/2019

I am so grateful I found Catology.  Chris is seriously a cat whisperer!  One of our cats, Gem, has been overgrooming and her body language and behaviour seemed to suggest she was highly anxious and often depressed.  Our local vet was hugely unhelpful, and a session with our local cat psychologist was going to cost upwards of $800!  I was getting quite anxious about it myself.  After a one hour online consult with Chris, he sent us an action plan and honestly we saw a difference almost immediately after we started implementing some of the recommendations.  Gem is so much happier these days and her fur started growing back.  Chris has also been amazing at checking in and providing ongoing support.  And not only does he understand cats, he understands their humans. He knows we have limitations and he manages that too.  There's obviously no magic bullet with psychology/behaviour issues, but if you have an unhappy cat I would, without a doubt, recommend speaking to Chris.

Rachel, Norman Park QLD, 13/09/2019

Chris has a highly in-depth knowledge of cats behaviour and psychology. One of my cats had been suffering anxiety and as a result being very destructive scratching all of my furniture and also being very aggressive towards me. Chris was able to help me identify what the underlying issues were causing these problems . Chris’s behaviour modification suggestions have been highly effective in addressing the problems and I have seen a drastic change in my cats overall demeanour, she seems much happier and is finally showing me affection after many years which is a beautiful thing. The consultation was money well spent and I highly recommend Catology.

Lauren Thomas, Bella Vista NSW, 11/05/2019

Chris is a wonderful and reassuring behaviourist, that makes you feel comfortable before, during and after your consultation.
He is very skilled and knowledgable, when it comes to cat behaviour and he has given me some strategies to introduce my new cat Teddy, to my other, resident cat Milo, after Teddy's history of redirected aggression and anxiety.
One thing that really stood out however, was his ability to listen, understand and empathise. He is never too busy to talk to you, and does not put a time limit on your consultation. He gives you undivided attention, support and an effective timeline and in depth strategy, to improve both you and your pet's life at home.
He even spoke to my mum for over an hour, when she needed assistance with Teddy. In fact, she was so impressed, that she told me how wonderful his energy is and how she is so happy she found him. I agree.
I highly recommend him.
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