Cat Behaviour Articles

A collection of articles to help you understand and care for your cat

July 5, 2023

Cat Laser Pointer Play

Cat laser pointers are extremely popular toys for cat owners. But should you use them to play with your cat? Let's see what a recent study suggests.
June 5, 2023
cat and small dog

Cats Are Not Small Dogs

I often come across owners who consider and treat their cat like a small dog. Discover why cats have unique environmental and care needs.
May 22, 2023
cat with nail caps

My Thoughts on Cat Nail Caps

Cat nail caps are increasingly popular. In this article I discuss my opinion on them from a behavioural standpoint.
May 8, 2023
cat eating food

What is the ‘N+1’ Rule?

What if there was a single guideline to follow that could help you keep your multi-cat household happy? The 'N+1' rule is the closest thing I've found.
April 12, 2023
too many cats

How Many Cats Is Too Many?

How many cats can you have in one house? The answer isn't always simple, and luck plays a big part. Find out the considerations in having a household with multiple cats.
March 29, 2023
cat use human toilet

Should You Train Your Cat To Use A Human Toilet?

Did you know that you can train a cat to use a human toilet? Though the real question is... should you?
March 6, 2023
cat scruffing

Is Scruffing a Cat OK?

Scruffing cats is a contentious subject. Does it hurt? Do they feel anything? Discover my thoughts on the subject.
February 27, 2023
cat music

Cats and Music

Do cats like certain types of music? Is cat music even a thing? The answer might surprise you! Discover how different music affects cats.
January 31, 2023
cat used to carrier

How To Get A Cat Used To A Carrier

Cats often only see their carriers once a year to go to the vet. No wonder they often hate them! Discover how to get a cat used to a carrier, making it much easier and less stressful for both cat and owner!