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Are your cats driving you crazy?

Are you tired of them fighting? Embarrassed to have visitors because of the state of your furniture, or worse, because your cat has left little "surprises" outside the litterbox? Do you love your cat but just don't know what else to do?

Imagine arriving home to a house that smell fresh, rather than the scent of cat urine. Imagine being able to buy new furniture without fear of it being destroyed in the first week. Imagine enjoying both of your cats' company - in the same room!

Great news! In the majority of cases, unwanted behaviour can be fixed or improved substantially.

Depending on your location, I offer both in-home and easy online (Skype or Facetime) consultations designed to give you solutions and strategies to restore the peace in your home, and enrich the lives of you and your fur-babies.

What happens now?


You've got a cat behaviour problem. You need some help. You pass the "Ideal Client" test below. Now the next step is to book a consultation or make an enquiry.

We can help with frustrating issues such as:
• Litterbox troubles
• Inter-cat aggression
• Human-directed aggression
• Destructive scratching
• Attention-seeking behaviours
• Compulsive behaviours
• Depression
• New cat and family member introductions
…and more

STOP! Do You Pass the "Ideal Client" Test?

At the moment, I am only accepting 4 consultations per week This allows me to give each client enough valuable time and support, while also working on creating valuable educational resources for cat guardians. For this reason it's essential that clients are a good fit. So, before you enquire or book a consultation, please check to see if you pass the "Ideal Client" test:

Yes, you may range from feeling slightly annoyed with your cat's behaviour, to "pulling-your-hair-out-ready-to-scream", BUT:

1. You are willing to accept that your cat is NOT "bad", "evil", "stupid", being malicious towards you, nor acting out of revenge, but instead is reacting naturally to her current environment or has been previously conditioned to behave this way.

2. You genuinely care for your cat and are willing to do what it takes to make her (and you too of course) happy, content and fulfilled.

If you agree with these two "rules", go ahead and book a consultation or make an enquiry.


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